Out of State Jobs

We have installed fencing outside of Kentucky in states from Saratoga Springs NY, to Reno, NV.

We can and do travel anywhere in the United States to install fence. We can almost always beat the local fence builders prices because we specialize in horse and farm fence only. In most cases the local fence builders are privacy fence builders or just local contractors without the years of experience it takes to build a horse fence to the highest quality standards. Not to mention we can build it much faster than they can, we can complete a mile of fence in about 5-6 days built and painted. Since we also get our materials directly from the lumber mills, vinyl fence factories, and post treatment plants this keeps the middle man out of the loop and will result in better materials since they have not been laying around the local farm stores for months.

In every out of state installation we were able to build these fences for sometimes as much as 1/2 as much as the nearest bid. Places in states that are not considered horse states like Kentucky just do not have the infrastructure to sustain full time horse businesses. As you can see by the pictures we can build your fence anywhere in the United States and it will look like the professional horse farms in Kentucky. We do not go out of state and build inferior quality fence and use bad materials just because its not in our state. When we build fence out of state you get the same treatment and quality of fence that we build for our biggest clients right in our own “backyard.”

Saratoga Springs, NY

This is a Darley Farm right next to the Saratoga Springs racetrack that was purchased in 2007. We closed off the barn and paddocks area for now but we will have to return to rebuild all the paddocks when the barns and racetrack are completed.  More pictures to come as soon as I get them posted.

Effort, PA

This is a small hobby farm in Effort, PA. We do any size jobs but when they are small like this we like to at least have 1 other job in the area to make it worth the time to travel there to do it.

Cincinnati OH

Childress Rodgers Stables
3 rail Centaur Hotrail fence built for a horse that has no sense!
Because this horse Remi, had hurt himself numerous times on wood fence they made the decision to built a safer paddock for him. 

Nashville, TN

This farm is located in Brentwood, TN which is basically a suburb of Nashville. Just look for the 2nd highest mountain in Nashville and that’s where this fence was built, on the side of it. This job was all 2 X 4 no climb wire with a oak board on top.

As you can tell this is quite the steep terrain we built this on. I remember when I first talked to owner and he said it was just a “slight incline”.

Wire fence is not really the best for hilly terrain but we managed to make it look pretty good.

Out of State Jobs

New Salem, IN

This farm is located in New Salem, IN which is about a hour away from Indianapolis, IN.  They built a Kentucky style 3 board and baton horse fence with 5″ faced posts instead of 6″ faced posts.

Reno, NV

Out of State Jobs

Birmingham, AL

Out of State Jobs

Topeka, KS

3 Rail Oak Fence

Peoria, IL

Centaur Hotrail

Charleston, WV

4-Board Fence

Out of State Jobs

Aiken, SC

4-Board Fence

Gallatin, TN

2×4 No-Climb Fence, Centaur Top Rail

Arkadelphia, AR

4 Board & Baton